Ue4 procedural mesh hole

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I don't know if it's an issue with the FBX export in Blender, though, I've tried using other programs and switching things out, and I'm still getting the same result. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but could someone help me out, please? There's no rhyme or reason to it that I can see.

Thank you in advance! Tags: None. Tim Hobson. If you don't have a lightmap UV setup, can you post a screenshot of your UV channel 0? Comment Post Cancel. No problem! I actually don't have a lightmap set up, but I have two UV's, one for the wood, and one for the handles.

The secondary one is just a blank, random colored mat. I actually redid the UV's just in case, in case the partial mirroring was causing an issue, and condensed it into one map, but, it didn't seem to do anything. I had a chair I did recently within the past day or so with the same method, and it doesn't seem to display the same sort of issues, so, I don't know what's going on. I've never had the issue before. Thank you! Thoughts, anyone? Should I post this in the FBX import problems, or what?

It looks like you have overlapping UV's. Each Face needs to have it's own space in the UV map in an additional UV channel, so that each faces' lighting can be calculated independently. Twitter - YouTube - Tutorials and Resources: jambax.

I actually redid the uv's completely, so everything was completely separate, and I'm still having the same issue. I'm not an expert on this, but I believe what he said is to assign a separate channel for the UVs. If you look in your screenshot on the right, it says UV channels: 2. So try adding each one. Assign channel 0 or channel 1, or whatever you made. Yea, I actually did that as well, as previously mentioned, with the lightmap and everything, and it's still doing it.

This also happened with some other models I made today, and I made sure they had lightmaps, and no overlapping UV's, but the same thing happened.More results.

Hole in Mesh Runtime

I am trying to get a hole square into a pre meshed object "wall" using the Blueprint System so I can see and go through. So far I was able to remove the collision box at a specific area I am looking at. The mesh is still the same only the collision box will be removed. Despite that fact that I am new to the Unreal Engine I would like to ask for help. Let me clarify what you are asking for assistance with, you need help adjusting the material to show a hole?

This is what we are aiming to accomplish.

ue4 procedural mesh hole

You have an Object in front of you most likely a Wall with a mouse click create a hole in this wall. This removes the collider in this area as well as the object itself, so basically you can go or shoot through. Ok, that will be kind of tricky as you have the interior walls of the hole to deal with Will you only be able to do this on specific surfaces?

Will all surfaces be same depth? How complex will these surfaces be? If it is going to be simple surfaces you may want to look into the procedural mesh component to replace the wall and update the actual mesh at runtime to create the hole.

Or create a wall with hole mesh to replace what is there. I can help you out if you need some assistance with these options if any of them sound like they may be useful to you, might just take some time to get you a proper response. Well, the point is that the object which needs to get the hole is shortly defined like the image above. I know about the BSP Methode and using pre mesh is not an option because the hole needs to be specified placed by the user it self and not pre-defined by the game itself.

You might be best served by using the procedural mesh component to update the flat wall surfaces. It will allow you to manipulate geometry and UVs so that you can litterally have the player cut a hole in your walls to any size or shape you want depending on how much work you want to invest. Again I am unsure if the player can place these holes on any surface or just perfectly flat surfaces.

I am going to assume it has to be on a flat surface with enough space for the hole. If you want I can do a quick writeup tonight after work to show you how you could implement this. You are assuming right, it will be only on flat surfaces with enough space. According to what you say this seems to be exactly what we are looking for. I would very much appreciated if you give me a kick-start with a quick writeup.

Thanks in advance. No problem, one of my first forays into procedural mesh generation was exactly this.With a little bit of googling you can find plenty of articles that describe it much better than I could ever do.

Instead, I will focus on practical uses of procedural generation. Stuff like simple landscape generation, use of splines in procedural generation, generating cave systems, etc. I would also like to do some more experimental stuff like generative art. What I can promise is that I will cover the basics of procedural generation in UE4.

However, I will probably make one part on procedural generation in blueprints. In header file of the new class, include ProceduralMeshComponent.

ue4 procedural mesh hole

Also, add ProceduralMeshComponent to the class. For now, you only need vertices and triangles. Unfortunately, the function for creating procedural meshes needs all the other arrays, so create them too. Next, add OnConstruction function to the header file. This is basically the construction script. Also, create ClearMeshData function. This will be a function for clearing the arrays. For now, create them on X and Y axis.

ue4 procedural mesh hole

Next step will be creating the triangle. Here you need to be careful because the order of the vertices will determine the front face of the triangle. So looking down onto the triangle it will be Next, initialize rest of the arrays. All of them should be the same length as the vertices array. Now, that you have all the data needed to create the triangle, you can actually create it.

This will basically delete all the arrays. That would result in new 3 vertices and new triangle added after every modification.

Procedural Mesh in UE4 #1 – Triangle

You can compile now. You can then add that blueprint into the level and you should see a triangle. In order to properly texture the triangle, you need to provide for each vertex a 2D UV coordinate in the range. In this case, it will be pretty easy, since the opposite and adjacent side are the same length triangle is half of a square. Next part will be all about a subdivided plane creating, updating. There will also be a bonus experiment. Your email address will not be published.

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Procedural Mesh Unity Tutorial

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ue4 procedural mesh hole

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