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Select any picture below to enter the category. Welcome to: Vintage-Ronson. Ronson has a long and illustrious history of producing high quality cigar and cigarette lighters as well as stylish smoking accessories and Art items for home, office and commercial use.

The Company was created by Louis V.

ronson lighter repair

Aronsonet alin and was incorporated inin Newark, N. A Brief History on Smoking: Attitudes towards smoking were much different long ago. Smoking was considered to be sophisticated, a sign of accomplishment and heightened social status. Tobacco producers promoted this idea through very effective advertising In the early 's, as America began to transform into an increasingly urbanized society, smoking became a popular leisure-time activity. The production of Dr. Carl Auer von Welsbach's safe flint material, which when struck with steel would produce sparks capable of igniting a wick, marked the birth of modern lighters.

He marketed his invention as Original Auermetall and many of his discoveries are still utilized today. Ronson began production of a pocket lighter in which they named Wonderliter and a wonder it must have been in it's day. It was a simple device which utilized the newly developed flint.

The wonderliter style, and others that followed, are collectively called Strike or Striker lighters. Striker because a steel wand is struck on a strip of flint producing sparks. Not long after, Ronson applied for many different patents for lighters, some of which featured a newly designed automatic mechanism on a lighter later named the Banjoafter it's distinctive shape.

The wand that struck against the flint material in striker models was soon replaced by a flint wheel which was capable of shooting a shower of sparks onto a fixed position wick. The Banjo lighter was a huge success for Ronson and under Louis Aronson's direction they continued to experiment and recieve patents for lighter mechanisms, body designs and they received many patents for improvements to their lighters.

At the same time they were marketing children's sparking toys which used the same flint material. Smoking accessories were promoted as proper attire and necessary for the modern gentleman.

Society at that time place very restrictive rules on ladies, they had limited rights and were frowned upon to smoke The Roaring Twenties saw the begining of the Art Deco movement and smokers were desirous of the latest smoking gadgets, especially when adorned with eye-catching art deco decorations and it soon became fashionable to have a fancy lighter and other smoking paraphernalia.

Cigarette producers were hard at work trying to promote their highly profitable products as glamorous and popular with the "in-crowd". The glamour idea was further emphasized by popular personalities of the day who were very well paid for their endorsements. People were smoking everywhere imaginable! Customers smoked while shopping in grocery and retail stores with floor model ash trays placed in every isle, and as incredible as it may seem, Doctors, Nurses and patients smoked in Hospitals. Tobacco companies grew very powerful; they even had doctors promoting smoking in the major publications of the day.

The U. Armed Forces supplied a small pack of cigarettes with field rations to our soldiers. Tobacco companies made sure their advertising was everywhere. They employed the latest advertising techniques and promoted their products through every media available. Tobacco producers were so powerful that by the 's they had Television cartoon stars of The Flintstones endorsing smoking cigarettes!

They promoted Winston cigarettes on television advertisements during the show in the early years and only for a short period of time.

The Ronson Exclusive Patent: Once the 's rolled around there were many Companies competing for the burgeoning market of mass-produced lighters and smoking accessories. Ronson had developed and patented the Banjo lighter in which began the one-motion lighter craze, one-motion meaning "Press it's lit, Release it's out" style of lighter.Long story short : I wanted my Ronson lighter to work so I tore it apart and fixed it, I take no responsibility in case you break yours, by trying the same thing.

Ronson Varaflame Spare Parts

Sometime later a friend mentioned Ronson, I went to get my broken lighter to show him, and suddenly while looking at it, I discovered… The pin holding the Cap! I popped it off, and I was one step further to unlocking the secret of the faulty Ronson!

To da Google mobile! First of all I needed to know what I was looking for, so I started searching for Ronson models. So I got out another lighter, pressed the lever on my Ronson and made a spark with the other one, the Ronson was lit.

Then I pressed the lever on the other lighter while trying to create a spark with the Ronson, nothing happened; the problem had to be something with the flint or file.

This is kinda tricky, as there are screws on both sides, one set into the other. After removing the wheel I discovered that the hole where the flint should pop its head through was completely clogged.

Ronson Butane Lighter Repair

So after getting out a needle… and a hammer. I continued to remove the.

ronson lighter repair

So I continued to tinker with it for a while. The file actually looked like a little very complicated clockwork, so of course I had to take that apart as well. The one-way slopes on the file makes sure it only rolls one way, and the gears fit into the lever.

Thank You for posting this info. I love to bring back good old items! You were able to help me get my Ronson working again! I found out in a lot of old lighters the flint swells over years and get stuck, even new old stock that had never been used. A drill bit half the size of the flint tube works great.

Carefully drill till you feel the bit break through the old flint.Price guide included! You will also find books, catalogs, patents and magazine advertisements on lighters! My buddy just bought the Crown Ronson desk lighter and we were trying to figure out how to clean the lighter and get it working. These 3 pamphlets will be extremely helpful. Thank you so much!!!! Clearly they need new wick flints.

I have 3 "ASR Man" table lighters and want to make them functional again. I can't figure out how to replace the wicks, where the flints go, if the flints you can buy in the store known as "fitting all Zippo pocket lighters" fit in my lighters and if the lighters require fluid.

Do you have to open the top of the lighter by prying it off? What's the hole with the screw in it under the green felt for? Whom would I take them to if I needed assistance? I need vintage Ronson wicks, the type that comes with the inserter.

Thank you for all the info. The wick needs replacing preferably with the Gold seal wick for Ronson lighters that has a wire inserter it was very difficult to put in any other type I got a Zippo wick which fitted but as it has not been lit I do not know if it will operate correctly. The o-ring for the fuel cap disintegrated when the cap was removed. I think a part of the sparking mechanism is broken as the spark wheel does not turn.

It would be nice it the lighter worked! Thank you. I found an o ring at a hardware store. It is slightly thicker than the original one, but doesnt make the screw stick out so much that the lighter cant sit on the table this, thamks to the green felt around the bottom edge of the lighter.

ronson lighter repair

I just purchased a Rolstar table lighter inscribed with Queen Elizabeth. It is missing the spring. Does anyone know of a place I can get it repaired, or, a place that sells replacement parts? It's in beautiful shape, just missing the spring. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Pop the metal cap off - the instructables.Price guide included!

You will also find books, catalogs, patents and magazine advertisements on lighters! I have the validation code and everything Post a Comment. I have decided to share some extra content with everybody who wants and is willing to donate couple of dollars for the development of thi Lighter Repair Manual.

I have decided to share some extra content with everybody who wants and is willing to donate couple of dollars for the development of this blog. This publication is available in PDF and only for private use. Monday, October 22, Thanks a lot for the Lighter repair manual - great job!

Great content - was able to repair couple of my Ronson lighters. I repaired my Thorens lighter at last!

Great blog! Keep up good work! Email me at collector table-lighters. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Search Search:. About this blog This blog mainly focuses on vintage wick and gas table, desk lighters manufactured in the years — For all lighters and accessories pictured in the blog, there is a comprehensive description, with dimensions, weight and values.

Apart of lighters this blog will offer also other posts containing reviews of books for collectors, vintage ads, history of main lighters corporations, interesting facts and so on. The aim of this blog is to establish a comprehensive source of vintage cigarette lighters - the best you can find ever.With your Ronson lighter, you may find that it has suddenly stopped working.

If you have refilled the fuel and adjusted the flame but still do not have a spark to ignite your lighter, you may need to replace the flint, the little red piece that provides the spark when you strike your Ronson lighter. Replacing the flint can be done without having to take your lighter to someone else or sending it back to the manufacturer. Pull the lighting mechanism out of the case by grasping the flame area in one hand and the case in the other, pulling up on the flame area.

Flip the lighting mechanism over and locate the small screw in the wick area. Unscrew the screw using the small screwdriver and turning counterclockwise. If there are any pieces of the old flint, you can get them out by turning the mechanism back upright. Replace the spring and screw, pressing inward and turning the screwdriver clockwise to tighten. Place the lighting mechanism back into the casing and push down gently to slide into position. Locate the push lever on top of the lighting mechanism of your Ronson lighter.

This lever will be what you use to make the lighter work. Ronson recommends that you use only Ronson flints; other brand flints may not fit properly and cause damage to your lighter.

Eyeglass screwdrivers work well to access the screw. By: Jennifer Long Updated April 12, Share It. Insert a replacement flint into the hole where the spring and screw were located. Strike your Ronson lighter at least three or four times to help seat the flint. Push back this lever locking it into position.

Ronson lighter fix

This will expose the flint area. Turn your Ronson lighter upside down to remove any stray pieces of flint. Place a new flint into this hole and push gently to make sure it gets in properly. Unlock the lighting lever and press a few times to prepare the flint. Things You'll Need.This will impact repairs but not orders from our online store. At this time, please do not ship any repairs to us until we give the go-ahead on this page. You may place online orders with our store and they will ship normally.

With the shelter in place orders in effect here in North Carolina, we want to give you all an update and answer some additional questions that have been coming in day to day.

We are asking that you please hold off on sending your lighter repairs to us at this time. Once the SIP orders have been lifted, we will alert you on our homepage that we are once again accepting new repairs.

Those of you who paid your invoices AFTER the SIP order, those repairs are being held until the order has been lifted and normal business can resume once again. Once this occurs, you can expect a week turnaround time for your lighter to ship back to you.

ronson lighter repair

If you are looking to place an order on the website for any of the lighters or accessories that we have for sale, those orders are shipping out day to day with no delays.

Looking for gas and flints for your lighter? Find all your gas and flints here for S.Salts was founded in by Harry Salt and started repairing Ronson lighters in when they were introduced into Britain from the United States. Salts were made an official Service Centre for the repair of Ronson lighters since that date.

We are now the third generation carrying on as Ronsons' official UK Service Centre where we not only repair lighters but also supply spare parts to other officially appointed Service Centres around the world. Pat and Carla have been in the business now for thirty six years. We carry out guarantee work on behalf of Ronsons and also carry out repair work on most lighters out of warranty.

We use only genuine parts and all our repairs are stripped and cleaned in the latest ultrasonic cleaning equipment. For any other makes please feel free to contact us for an estimate.

Repair work carries a six month warranty. Guarantee work, please send the repair to us with a valid guarantee or sales receipt. Non guarantee work send to us with a covering note and return address and we will send an estimate.

Payment can be made by cheque made payable to Salts or credit card over the telephone. All rights reserved. What we do: We carry out guarantee work on behalf of Ronsons and also carry out repair work on most lighters out of warranty. We are unable to supply spare parts to anyone but official service agents.

How to contact us: Guarantee work, please send the repair to us with a valid guarantee or sales receipt. Salts, 1 New Union Street, Coventry.

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