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It is a massive B2B marketplace that connects you with a wide range of exporters, manufacturers, and importers belonging to diverse b More Details. Importandexports is an Online Business Directory bestowing amenities to more than countries that stimulates global business alliances by uniting them at a comprehensive B2B Marketplace in entice t People at ExportHub have It has now established itself as the world's leading professional bearing online B It has now established itself as the world's leading professional valve online B2B trading si It has now established itself as the world's leading professional valve online B2B trading We offer easy to use tools for buying and selling asse B2B Marketplace site Directory.

Welcome to Trade B2B Directory. The world important B2B website introduction and essential to foreign trade. Provide and recommend global b2b trade sites, b2b e-commerce platforms, Industry b2b portal, b2b platform, b2b trade portal, yellow pages sites. All more high quality b2b resources are in the b2b trade site directory.If you want to do B2B Content Marketing in Germany, there are aspects you should be aware of, before planning and launching your initiatives. Based on my experience, I want to list some distinguishing and important aspects of the market, which might help you avoid costly errors.

Many businesses consider Germany to be a quite an attractive market. Some US businesses cross the Atlantic ocean and come over here on a quest of growth overseas. However, I am regularly shocked by obvious mistakes these American businesses make, when entering the German market with content marketing which happens more and more.

In this post I want to shed some light on German culture and how it impacts the way you market products and services, especially when it comes to B2B Content Marketing in Germany. Germany is lagging behind in terms of digitalization. This is true for companies, which are struggling to identify opportunities in a changing world. According to the report from the European Commission, Germany ranks no. As you can see below, Germany is just above average…. Source: Accenture.

I grew up in France and moved to Germany in If your business operates in the US, expect not to find a similar infrastructure than in your home country in Germany. If I had to put a number on it, I would say that the country is about 3 — 5 years behind in terms of digitalization.

A lot of companies also block access to social media sites, which impacts your content distribution strategy. If you expect your target audience to consume content via mobile e. The renowned news agency Reuters conducted an international study to compare how media consumption varies by country.

The result confirms what I observed: Germans are traditionalists when it comes to media consumption.

13 B2B Ecommerce Brands Unveil The Secrets to Scalable Online Success

TV is much more influential than online or social. In terms of evolution, it appears that it is not changing a lot. The only noticeable curves below are social, which is rising and print which is declining, like in most other coutries. In my experience, German B2B clients are harder to reach online than their American counterparts. A Twitter-presence is common in anglo-saxon countries. Not at all in Germany. Blogs are not a trusted source of information and looking for information related to business is not necessarily a reflex of people you want to reach in a B2B context.

You may want to include PR with traditional media entities even more in your marketing plan in Germany. When it comes to social media, there is a big blue giant… and the rest of them. A paragraph from the above mentioned study from Reuters is quite revealing:. Facebook is still the biggest network for news while Twitter attracts media coverage but has struggled to appeal to the wider public.

WhatsApp has been growing fast in Germany over the last few years and some local newspapers have been experimenting with it for distributing their stories. It is worth mentioning that a network specialized in B2B beats Linkedin here in Germany.

It is still the market leader, even though Linkedin is picking up. But see for yourself the following graph from a OECD study:.

Do not focus too much on Twitter except if your data tells you your target audience is very loyal to this network! While Linkedin is gaining traction, Xing is still the network of choice here in Germany.Running a B2B ecommerce channel is inherently more complex than traditional B2C ecommerce. Catalogs are large, and complicated by high numbers of variants for individual products and even custom needs.

These complexities have lead many B2B brands to put the launching and optimizing of an ecommerce channel on hold. Instead, many have turned websites into digital catalogs or information pages pushing to a contact us CTA.

Complexities can easily be solved by modern b2b ecommerce platforms — and now, business-to-business brands of all sizes are looking to optimize their ecommerce channel for sustainable growth over the next decade.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter. B2B ecommerce, or business-to-business electronic commerce, describes online order transactions between businesses. Because orders are processed digitally, buying efficiency is improved for wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and other types of B2B sellers.

Well, a few misconceptions might be the culprit to begin with. The first step to a platform migration is an RFP.

germany b2b website

Our free template includes more than questions to send to all platforms you are considering, including:. Get your free RFP template now. You do not have to be a supplier in order to sell B2B. Many online brands are both B2B and B2C. Instead, you can build site engagement and SEO on a single URL and use customer groups to allow for personalized browsing experiences for your B2B segment.

Customer groups allow you to build personalized site experiences for groups or individuals once they log in. Customer groups are useful for VIP segments for all merchants, but are essential for B2B sellers online.

Assurant launched a business-to-employee ecommerce website with BigCommerce, saw incredible growth, and then used that same site to sell B2B and B2C. Now, through customer groups, the site is segmented for Assurant employees, wholesalers and regular retail customers. Too many B2B vendors still treat websites as a catalog and take orders via phone or fax. Business customers like to access wholesale pricing and volume discount levels online, and many like to purchase online, too.

Implement a full cart checkout experience for B2B buyers, complete with freight and volume shipping options.

germany b2b website

As the new generation comes to managerial and purchasing power age, their preferred method of purchasing ecommerce will surpass older processes. And, they shop differently than their generational peers. A Heinz and SnapApp study found:. These buying behaviors mimic B2C buying behaviors in which brands must educate, build trust and build community before a purchasing decision is made — or even considered.

By a factor of three to one, B2B buyers want to self-educate versus talk to sales representatives to learn about products and services. With this shift in preference in mind, use a CRM to capture every customer conversation and review that data often.How many new orders does your business need to generate such a monthly profit? Main purpose of the e-B2B. Our international business e-B2B.

In the e-B2B. Users of the e-B2B. We have registered users entrepreneurs from all over the world. The greatest business potential of the e-B2B.

germany b2b website

Each month approximately new businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world register in the e-B2B. Multilingual- Translated- Promoted. The e-B2B. Now, without knowledge of foreign languages you can independently realize all your international business development plans, establish business contacts and quickly acquire new orders and achieve higher profits.

However, if you fluently speak a foreign languages, you can independently post free, multilingual trade leads and business offers. Our registered users also receive a weekly newsletter, containing a summary of international and domestic, translated, promoted and free trade leads and business offers.

Benefits of free account registration on the e-B2B. If you want to quickly, efficiently and without unnecessary problems:. What additional services does the e-B2B. The team of translators at the e-B2B. Effective promotion and advertising of your business, both internationally and domestically. The best method for inexpensive and dynamic development of your business. The appropriate amount of e-Points allows you to:.

Social networking Business social networks. Your direct success also depends on the amount of new users on the e-B2B. Share with your community information about our innovative e-B2B. Contact the e-B2B. We invite you to contact the e-B2B. We are ready to support, advise and answer any questions related to our e-B2B.

Homepage Contact.Every now and then online B2B marketplaces are coming up to provide almost anything related to any industry.

They are connecting sellers and buyers from every part of the world and providing them the opportunity to enhance their business. Some of the popular names have been discussed below:. This is one of the most popular B2B sites and has more than 80 million registered users. The site brings many exporters and importers together through one platform. It has also developed a special Chinese marketplace for trades within China.

Moreover, it makes trading easier for smaller traders and also has an escrow service for its users. According to estimates Indiamart gets more than 1. The site uploads information about different contracts and tenders that mainly include Government contracts.

This B2B site has been developed to provide information about all the Chinese suppliers.


It is regularly updated and contains up to date information about quality Chinese suppliers present on the web.

It has helped many Chinese suppliers grow and meet the needs of different people in different parts of the world. This is arguably one of the biggest B2B online marketplaces connecting large number of buyers and suppliers worldwide. Small and medium-sized companies can find good trading opportunities here. It started out in the year and has around 3. This site provides a solid platform to sellers, buyers and manufacturers across India.

There are around different product categories available in the site along with their sub-categories. Presently the number of registered users has reached 2, and is definitely unmatched in its online promotion and data acquisition.

It is a leading market place that contains region based information about buyers, sellers, manufacturers, etc. It has different products listed on the site that range from agricultural products, electrical equipment, furniture, gifts, and almost everything one would be interested in. It is a trading circle where different sellers get connected around one buyer. All you need to do is create your trading circle or Toocle and after initiating the purchase lead compare it with prices offered by different traders.

There are more thanglobal buyers registered in the site with suppliers from different parts of the world joining their Toocle. Global Sources is regarded as the primary organizer of trade with Greater China.

There are around 1. The company got listed in NADAQ since the year and offers a wide range of services to increase sales lead, get orders from buyers and build corporate image.

HKTDC offers a wide range of services that connects thousands of international businesses together. The services offered by HKTDC includes world class exhibition and conferences, online marketplace, business-matching services, product magazines, timely business news, trade information, seminars and workshops. All the services offered can be used to effectively meet the requirements of your business. Launched in the year with the name eBigChina and renamed in the year it is regarded as one of the best trading platforms with a staggering number of more than five million products.

It offers huge range of products available in different categories and the aim of their company is to integrate ecommerce with their daily business activities. A US site dedicated site for finding qualified manufacturers, distributors, and custom manufacturers. They have numerous listings of products from 30, suppliers featuring more than million products on the website. There are more than three million domestic and international companies listed in Kompass. The comprehensive database of Kompass connects different sellers and buyers from around the world.

All you need to do is put your requirements in the specific fields and search for the most appropriate supplier of your choice.

GlobalMarket is one of the top e-commerce and B2B service providers connecting various top quality manufacturers in China to buyers from around the world. There are more thanbuyers registered in GlobalMarket with variety of sourcing solutions and purchasing services ready to offer you the edge to improve your business.

ExportersIndia is the place where one can find numerous wholesale suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, exporters, importers from India. It started out in the year and offers the exposure that is required in the present global market to establish your business.It is also great that I can upload ready tech packs so that potential suppliers can gather all the necessary information regarding the product.

Requests for quotations from potential customers are also a great opportunity. I met a lot of buyers with this useful platform. It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with so many different countries and people. It transformed the way we do business. Since then, our conversion rate has increased! We are manufacturers for over 29 years from Sialkot — Pakistan. We are developing strongrelations with buyers after successfully submitting samples and other details.

It completely took the stress out of finding new customers! They do exceptional work. As a Professional member, I am also impressed by their customer services. We are getting many inquires and grew our business now.

For all Pakistani manufacturers, it is such a great opportunity available. We highly recommend it. It is like a dating app for the buyers and the manufacturers.

It has not only helped me in promoting my company on a global platform but also to be on the right path to achieve our Target which is to produce and sell all types of apparels worldwide. We took the first order last week, moreover, our company is communicating with one of the biggest fashion companies in Germany. Since I have been a member I am getting its positive impact spontaneously. Optimistically, I can say that it will be the most efficient and leading communication channel for buyers and manufacturers.

It is easy to find new contacts and buyers requests. We shipped our first order already and hoping to get new orders soon. The platform is friendly in use, what makes it quick and easy to find new suppliers in whatever product-or target group you need.

I already have been in contact with a lot of suppliers all over the world. Looking forward to find new longterm relationships! On this purpose the search options are an excellent tool to find the best solution!

By digitizing all needed information, it enables more transparency and efficiency during the sourcing process. Means more flexibility and efficiency. Innovation in apparel sourcing. Join for free. Our Members. Buyer volume. Pcs per month. You are a garment buyer? Find a new garment supplier Get quotes to produce your products Explore virtual showrooms Keep track of factories you know Monitor the certificates of your suppliers. Learn more. You are a garment manufacturer? Be found by the right buyers Have a professional company website Find and contact potential customers Spot and react to business opportunities Optimize your online presence and be visible.

Voices of the industry. Avedis H.We have used conventional B2B platforms previously, like Alibaba, Tradekey etc. But the buyers that we get from these platforms are not the buyers that We have us They proactively found and recommended suitable businesses for us and updated the E-World trade is a great platform which helped us big time in getting connected inquiries.

The business with eWorld is unquestionably advanced than all other platforms. Their services are more HumanHuman which makes B2B services better than I will recommend my industrial friends to avail E-trade services if you really want your business to grow.

They will amaze you with the audience they ca I believed w I have experienced the services of eWorldTrade and found to have a great potential and relevant buyers to promote my business.

Their consultancy is prof But in terms of the ability to find potential buyers, the email marketing feedback was goo The key exports of Germany include cars, vehicle parts, packaged medicaments, planes, helicopters, and spacecraft. Its key imports are cars, vehicle parts, crude petroleum and packaged medicaments. Automobile and electrical industry of Germany is one the biggest exporters of cars and electronic products in the world, and they are offering products and services to businesses and retailers worldwide through this B2B portal.

English English Chinese. Phone Number. I am a Seller Buyer. Damien Pan Sales Manager. Aileen Overseas Sales Manager. Peter Liu Sales Manager. Halen Cadli Director.

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