Eta 2801 case

The ETA caliber is perhaps one of the most well-known and most recognized movements in the watch industry.

It has been in production since and was based off of the original Eterna caliber The ETA caliber is supplied to many different watch companies for use in a wide variety of watches. These companies will often put their own branding on the rotor, or make other small changes. This sometimes leads them to creating their own caliber number. Click here for more examples of movements that are branded under different caliber numbers.

It features a rarely seen brass finish:. Caliber Corner stickers are here! Sellita Grades. Omega Co-Axial Calibers. Glashutte Original Service. Lecture: Hairspring Dynamics. Lecture: Isochronism and Positional Adjustment. Video: Mechanical Watches Explained. Flyback Chronograph. Reading ETA Caliber Yes Hand-Windable? Yes Functions Hours, minutes, central sweeping seconds, date Country of Manufacture SwitzerlandSwiss made Known Models Too many to list add yours in the comments below!

See all results. Incabloc Novodiac. SwitzerlandSwiss made.In the beginning, when the world was young and before a chap named Perrelet started work on self-winding movements inpeople had to wind their own watches. No bumpers or oscillating weights. Batteries, solar power or kinetic would probably have gotten you burned at the stake for watchmaking witchery. Instead, there was just good old-fashioned finger-power. No wonder people were fitter in the old days. It sometimes feels as though hand-winders have rather dropped out of fashion.

But there are plenty of reasons to love a watch that you wind yourself. Thinner movements, fewer parts to go wrong, and no spinning weight to obscure the interesting bits. There are several patents on file for other Peseux automatics, but the and its brother seem to be the only ones to have seen the commercial light of day. Eleven years later, inBerner was turning out more thanmovements a year. There are just three bridges—one for the escapement, another for the going train and the third for the mainspring and winding mechanism.

eta 2801 case

The movement ticks at a thoroughly respectable 21, bph. In its base form, the is not exactly pretty—sharp edges to those bridges, no anglage or plating, no stripes. That said, the movement takes to decoration quite well, as the many brands that use it can readily prove. The was designed when people thought a watch larger than 38mm was a bit vulgar and probably the mark of a cad. The solidity and simplicity of the make it a thoroughly modifiable engine — Eberhard used it heavily tweaked in their 8 Jours watch.

Nomos are probably the best-known of the tuners, though, basing their Alpha movement on it. When Roland Schwertner revived the old Nomos name inhe needed to keep development costs down.

ETA 2801-2 Watch Movement

One of the most effective ways to do this was to use an established movement. Fromhowever, Nomos was, for all intents and purposesmaking its own movements, starting appropriately with the Alpha. In fact, until the advent of the Alpha, you could have had a Stowa Antea KS and a Nomos Tangente, both with impeccable Bauhaus design credentials and almost functionally identical movements under the case back.

If Nomos went Bauhaus, Blancpain went bling. The Paudex maker gave it a serious makeover as their Cal. Not only did it get day and date wheels, but also a moon-phase instead of the sub-seconds.Many also enjoy the winding ritual. The faster we careen into the digital era, the more significant these little analog rituals become.

My better half considers winding a quiet way to recenter herself, to connect with something simple, real, and benign. These watches are big on style yet restrained and versatile. Undeniably classic styling makes the millimeter Baltic Bicompax Chronograph incredibly versatile. This one will pair with a tux right on down to your most scrappy of outfits.

Everything about this watch—from the lanky drilled lugs to the domed hesalite crystal and the two-register layout—is gorgeously anachronistic. The inner hour track, traditional case, mil-strap, and beige lume command your a-ten-shun!

At 36 millimeters, the Nomos Club Campus has an in-house movement, a domed sapphire crystal, rhodium plated hands, and a stainless steel case so beautifully polished that it gleams.

eta 2801 case

The California dial is quirky and fun, but the sheer precision of its execution keeps the Nomos Club Campus sophisticated and smart. With meters of water resistance, this is a Dressy Tool Watch of the highest order. Architect, sculptor, and product-designer Max Bill remains one of the most celebrated watch designers of the past century, and this hand-wound model encapsulates his powerful minimalism in just 34 millimeters of pure mid-century goodness.

ETA 2801-2 Timezone watch School level 1 cased

Inside is the J Enough super-cool dial variants are available to make owning more than one an unavoidable temptation. Originally issued inthe Antea KS is Bauhaus design personified.

eta 2801 case

At The dial offers unadulterated legibility with an attractive running seconds sub-dial, and around back the clear case back shows off the hefty bridges of the Swiss ETA Unitas movement. Clearly the Pilot 42 breaks the convention of hand-wound watches being on the smaller side; the movement itself measures This millimeter, minimalist marvel called the Malvern is just 5.

The ETA movement inside is only 2. Christopher Ward. No one saw this mechanical hand-wound watch coming from Timex—a true shocker. Perhaps no other watch speaks to the growing popularity of mechanical watches these days.

Indeed, the Marlin sold out faster than bait at a fishing derby.

Movements made by ETA SA – an Overview of 10 of the Most Popular Calibres

Share this story:. Author Allen Farmelo. At age 7 Allen fell in love with a Timex boy's dive watch his parents gave him, and he's taken comfort in wearing a watch ever since. Allen is especially curious about digital technology having inspired a revival of analog technology, long-lasting handmade goods, and classic fashion. He lives in a one-room schoolhouse in The Hudson Valley with his partner and two orange cats.

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But, ETA movements can be found in watch brands big and small and have played a critical role in the explosion of microbrands over the last few years. It sports a hour power reserve and runs at 28, bph 4Hz. Enough about the movement. The movement is not chronometer certified, but Tudor has a solid reputation for modifying supplied movements to fit its watches.

For now though, this Black Bay line offers a versatile everyday watch for wrists of all sizes. For more, visit Tudor.

eta 2801 case

From a versatile everyday watch to the perfect weekend watch. Hamilton is owned by Swatch Group, so it makes sense the brand would use ETA movements, but Hamilton has also introduced its own H movement in some newer Khaki Field watches. For more, visit Amazon 2-day shipping! For more, visit Sinn. Like Sinn, Stowa has made a name for itself by focusing on case and dial design, and leaving the movements to ETA, Sellita, and other manufacturers.

But, the Marine 36 and 40the Partitio, the Antea Klassikother variations of the Flieger also feature the workhorse movement. The Flieger Classic 36 and 40 both feature blue steel hands, a sapphire crystal, and superluminova markings. For more, visit Stowa. As mentioned, access to cheaper, quality movements like the ETA has led to a boom in microbrands. One brand excelling at bringing affordable mechanical movements to the masses is Raven, based in Kansas.

The watches are offered with a variety of dial and hand colors, but all come with a stainless steel case and bracelet. For more, visit Raven Watches. There are a number of microbrands we thought about including, but we wanted to feature watches that are currently available, i. This means the Halios Seaforthamong others was not included. We also did not include any watches from independent Ochs und Juniorwhich uses the ETA as the base for its models.

For example, the Ochs und Junior Perpetual Calendar requires just 9 additional parts to its ETA base, a truly awesome engineering achievement. All of Our Latest Guides. The Best Everyday Watches in Get Smarter about Watches In-depth coverage of vintage and modern watches, delivered straight to your inbox every weekend.

Subscribe Now. Tudor Black Bay 32, 36, and Hamilton Khaki Field Auto. Sinn Stowa Fleiger Classic 36, Raven Venture II.The ETA in its current version ETA is the epitome of a workhorse offering not only outstanding reliability, but also considerable durability. The most recent iteration of the series has been manufactured in large batches since Needless to say, any hiccups have long since dissipated.

While more often than not high precision is achieved at the expense of robustness, the combines both characteristics due to its relatively simple but highly effective design. Most notably, the is reputed not only for its accuracy but also for remaining relatively constant at any position of the watch under varying conditions.

The ETA also has a leg up on other movements not just in part thanks to its widespread usage, but also because spare parts are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Due to its profound success it has often been copied by other manufacturers, even from those hailing from Switzerland. This movement was first developed in the s and since then, numerous watch manufacturers have come to place their trust in the reliable service of the Valjoux In addition to its large dimensions, it also boasts 30 millimeters in diameter and 7.

Thanks to its robustness, its accuracy, and an excellent value for money countless manufacturers have come to rely upon the This is especially relevant for smaller manufacturers and one of the more important reasons for using the In addition to the and thethe A2 is also among the most common calibres produced by ETA.

Aside from its flatter structure, its design also shares similarities with the The is often used for flagship model series of brands in the medium to upper price segment. Especially by those who either do not have the necessary know-how for the production of manufacture movements or cannot produce a calibre for their own use in sufficient quantities yet. The often serves as a basis for intricate watches since it is thinner in comparison with the ETA The movement stays compact even if additional components such as simpler program cogs or complex switching mechanisms are added.

The ETA in its current version, theis a hand-wind movement with 17 jewels and the 42 hour power reserve typical of ETA.

With a measurement of only 3. Apart from the absence of the rotor and a date display, the is similar to the in its design. The movement can also be found in the Meistersinger Einzeigeruhr No. The ETA is a calibre based on the ETA and while it not only has a date function, it also features a weekday indicator.

The most recent version of the houses a stop second device and can be upgraded to a GMT calibre with a second time zone. Just as not every watch with a features a date display, there are also watches in which the is used, even when their dials do not permit a weekday display e. The adaptation of the classic timepiece is often found in manufacturers such as Mido and Oris in a considerably accessible price segment.

Both the and the were developed originally in the s by the movement manufacturer Unitas, but nowadays area manufactured and sold by ETA. Originally launched as a calibre for pocket watches, the and are regularly found in wristwatches.

In hardly any other Swiss movement can you expect to find such complex mechanics for your money than the ETA Fitted with a chronograph function and a fully functioning calendar, it combines two important characteristics with very high everyday usability. This makes it the perfect choice for the pragmatists among watch enthusiasts.

In addition to thefurther adaptations of the classic ETA Valjoux have been launched throughout the years, e.What is the most popular solution? I've seen this version around and was wondering about it. The plate that holds the minute wheel in place would appear to be the key to this. The captive minute hand will prevent the cannon assembly falling forward, so when the hour wheel is in place and the minute hand is fitted, it will keep the whole lot together.

If the watch is originally made as a skeleton as opposed to being skeletonised by an enthusiastthen the manufacturer would have made it so that the hour wheel can't come off. You could fabricate a spring off one of the dial side screws. Use clear plastic to make a dial, the dial with movement ring also serves to position the movt in the case.

A clear dial of the correct thickness would help. You could also skeletonise the original dial. Hey bobm12I have a similar skeleton problem. I took a skeleton Asian and cased it in an Otto Frei 10 case, and have been having a hell of a time keeping the hour wheel from slipping ever since.

I attempted to use a crown o-ring to keep it all tamped down, and that ended pretty badly. How did you eventually solve for this? Wow, I hadn't seen this post in ages Sorry Anil, I didn't see your excellent response! I appreciate it and learned some more! I'm sorry but I never did work on any I don't usually like those movements and prefer the regular ones.

In my mind, if you could get your hands on one of those and the movement is of the family you may be able to use the same plate interchangeably. As Anil said, they usually have their own solution when first acquired Do you have a picture showing the movement and trouble area? It might be helpful in case I or any other member can help.

No dial needed. Unless they are cheap Chinese clones It's been a headache. The keyless works is a mess, too. I'll note that that tiny little brass washer in the photo did NOT come with my movement, and that's probably the source of my problems.

Meanwhile checked my skeleton movement, it has that hour wheel retaining plate. But the surprisingly missing it as can be seen on all pictures google pops out. Yeah I checked my S last night and noticed the plate. The is 12L 27mm diameter. Do you know where I can find movement casing rings plastic or otherwise for something like that?

Well, i suggest You not to go with this movement. It is a really low end basic one. I got mine for 5 USD in a complete watch in an auction.

Poor guy suffered all of my learning practices and still working I would stick to the Dont know where to buy spacer rings. You can probably use some Seiko case for the as long as the stem lines up The ring could be ordered from some suppliers like ofrei and cousinsUK by size or made with any material you can think of On Accutrons--The Minute-Hand holds the hour-wheel in place in the spaceview models with no dial.The watch band lug size is 22 mm.

Case diameter is 42 mm with a height of This case take a dial with an outside diameter of no more than All complete cases will come with Crystals, Crown and all Gaskets. In separate bag is the movement case ring, a tension spring that fits in the case back and a O-ring case back gasket. The case ring is installed with the flat side down the cut out should go over the stem after the movement has been set inside the case.

No case clamps are needed with this design, however the movements case screws are needed and screwed in so they make contact with the case ring. Place the tension spring on the inside of the case back before screwing the case back onto the case. Click here to see Assembly Instructions for 42 mm Cases 12 thru Also interchangeable with ETA stem series etc. If your going to re-case or casing a movement into a 42 mm or larger case, a this 20 mm long stem may be necessary.

A standard 16 mm long stem comes installed by the factory on all new movements. Dial Diameter For our 42 mm cases styles 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 with the ETA or Sellita SW movement with date window. The outside diameter of this dial is This manual wind watch Most parts are interchangeable with the ETA Hand sizes Minute 0. These standard finish nickel plated 26 jewels, The SW is an automatic, sweep seconds, day and date at 3 o'clock.

Sellita movements are Swiss Made, the SW, is a clone of the ETA which is possible to do since the patents have expired on the movement. Incabloc shock system, 26 jewel movement. Click here to download the Sellita SW technical sheet and oil chart. These Nickel Plated Sold in packages of 3 pieces, price breaks at 6, 12 and packages. Assembly Instructions for 42 mm Cases 12 thru Oakland Ca.


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